CSP-0053 Bite Me Burger Sign

“Bite Me!” Food Sign


“Bite Me!” is in your face advertising for convenience stores and restaurants that aren’t afraid to get noticed. Huge food image and headline sells in 2 words.

If you’re promoting something other than burgers, we’ll change the image to whatever you want.

This sign can be converted to any sign type from small point of purchase to gigantic billboards.

• Every design can be customized to fit your business.
• Price includes up to 1 hour of customization.
• Most designs can be customized to any shape and size.


• Billboard • Bus Bench • Bus Sign • Door Cling • Indoor Sign • Outdoor Sign • Point of Sale • Pump Topper • Window Sign • Roller Grill

Hamburger, hot dog, sandwich, pizza, food, taco, pastry, donuts

Original Size (Width x Height): 72 x 48 Inches
Available Sizes:
Minimum: 18 x 12 Inches
Maximum: 108 x 72 Inches
• Most designs can be customized to any shape and size.

Don’t see what you’re looking for?
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