Deli-cious Subs Wraps Sandwiches ALL-0079

DELIcious Subs, Wraps, Sandwiches


Store subs, sandwiches, and wraps are in more demand than ever. This sign shows them off with a subtle reference to DELI and an obvious reference to DELIcious.
This sign is perfect for sidewalk entrance signs, window signs, and point-of-sale.

Disclaimer text under the price says:
“Photo for illustration purposes only. Actual products may vary by location and season.

• Bus Bench • Curb Sign • Door Cling • Indoor Sign • Outdoor Sign • Sidewalk Sign • Poster • Transit Station • Window Sign • Wall Sign

Includes up to 1 hour of customization.

Sandwich, Subs, Wraps, Deli, Meat

Original Size (Width x Height): 28 x 44 Inches
Available Sizes:
Minimum: 14 x 22 Inches
Maximum: 84 x 132 Inches

Includes up to 1 hour of customization.
Most designs can be customized to any shape and size.

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