No matter how well something is explained there are going to be questions on your part and on ours. Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions that we hear so that you have some basic answers to begin with. Bear in mind that if you have questions we haven’t answered here it is our pleasure to hear from you at any time. Please feel free to message us using the contact form on our contact us page. 

How much does the average design cost?

Custom designs can begin as low as $250 dollars while the cost of the encore designs start at $99
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Do I own the copyright?

Due to our use of some purchased graphics and stock photography which are legally purchased and used, we cannot offer you copyright, but you do have exclusive rights to use the unchanged design as many times as you wish for any reason that you wish.

Because of licensing agreements with stock photo agencies, we are not allowed to transfer copyrights of any designs that use stock photography.

You do have permission to use unaltered designs as delivered in any format at any size for as long as you wish.

Experimental work and designs that are not delivered as the final product remain the property of Signs & Billboards. This is not work for hire.

If your design uses only images and assets that belong to you, copyright of the final product belongs to you.

Am I allowed revisions?

Of course. We always spend some time with you to find out exactly what you need before we start the design process.
In some cases, we will submit multiple options with the first proof. Once a preliminary design has been chosen, it is normal for some minor adjustments to be made.
Changes to content or concept after preliminary designs have been submitted are chargeable at our normal hourly rate.
Corrections due to our mistakes are always made at no charge.

Does the price include the printing and the billboard rental?

Yes, we know, it would be great if it did, but unfortunately no. We can help you to arrange those things but the price that you pay Signs & Billboards does not include them.  The price that you pay Signs & Billboards is for design work.

The language and technology of printers is something that many companies are not familiar with. If that’s your company we’ll be happy to work with you to arrange the other aspects of production and along the way, try to save you time and money.

We have time-tested, proven, and trusted printers and production facilities across the country. With our job-matching capabilities, and because of the volume advertising we handle, we can almost always save you money on production costs and billboard placement.
If you already have a printer that you’re comfortable with, we’ll contact them directly to make sure that your work matches their exact production specifications.
Ask any printer or billboard company that we’ve worked with — they’ll tell you that they love to print our work.
From concept to completion, Signs & Billboards will take very good care of your advertising.