Who Needs Curves Fitness Center SB-0106

“Who Needs Curves” Fitness Center


“Who needs curves?” is a strong design that cuts to the chase for the fitness industry.

An enviable image and in-your-face message combines with a simple sales message to position your fitness program right up front.

• Billboard • Bus Bench • Bus Sign • Door Cling • Indoor Sign • Outdoor Sign • Point of Sale • Transit Station • Wall Sign • Window Sign

Includes up to 1 hour of customization.

Fitness Center, Fitness, Gym, Health and Fitness, Exercise

Original Size (Width x Height): 14 x 7.5 Feet
Available Sizes:
Minimum: 14 x 7.5 Inches
Maximum: 28 x 15 Feet

Includes up to 1 hour of customization.
Most designs can be customized to any shape and size.

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